An Overview of Odin’s Infinite Reel Megaways

Odin Infinity Reels is the third video slot in the Infinity Reels Series from Australian developer ReelPlay. So far, all have had a fantasy/historical theme to them and their latest addition continues on that pattern. This time around, players get to spin in Odin’s (mythical) Asgardian realm. What you’re probably thinking is not novel. The Old Norse Gods are a popular choice for slot machine themes. What really sets ReelPlay apart, though, is the way it combines the well-known Megaways engine with its own original creation, Infinity Reels.

There was a time when the project’s viability seemed questionable. Initially, ReelPlay and NetEnt had a battle of wits over who came up with the Infinity/InfiniReels concept first. People milled about like they were watching a playground fight. However, there were no blood noses, no pushing or shoving. A respectful handshake and an amicable separation followed the disagreement. That’s great news for players, particularly those who like a more challenging experience. It’s a common criticism of mythology-themed slots that the characters all look like they’re wearing silly grins from the cartoon style, or they do what ReelPlay has done with Odin. No one here is happy to see you. The seriousness of the situation is reflected in the game’s mathematical model.

First of all, it has a completely different category from the preceding Infinity Reel slots due to its Very High volatility. We will also discuss how the expanded potential has changed things. However, the return to player percentage is lower than the other two, coming in at 96.18%, which is still above average. So, ReelPlay has tightened up the mathematical model and improved pretty much everything else. The incorporation of the Megaways game engine is, of course, responsible for some of the changes made. Megaways usually yields large results, as the famous 117,649 win ways.

That sum potentially seems minuscule in comparison to Odin Infinity Reels. Since an infinite number of reels can be added, in theory an infinite number of Megaways is possible. Or, to put it another way, “Odin is the first slot in the world to offer Megaways to infinity,” as described by ReelPlay. A memorable slogan, but how does it function in practice? To win, you still need to get three identical symbols in a row, which happens once every 3.56 spins on average. There are three reels in the game in the outset, and in order to win, symbols must appear on all of them.

The Infinity Reels feature activates whenever a winning combination occurs, giving players a another spin at the wheel. If more wins occur, additional reels will be added indefinitely until no more wins occur. The symbol multiplier in the game begins at x1 and increases by 1 with each additional reel. Odin is, without a question, the best-looking game ever made by ReelPlay, and it’s playable across all devices for 30 p/c to $/€12 per spin. The improvement over Giza Infinity Reels, their previous product, is startling. No detail was overlooked in the creation of this breathtaking artwork, which is set in a dreamlike alpine valley and resembles a gorgeous oil painting.

There’s been a lot of thought put into the look of the game’s 10 (standard) emblems, which include 6 runes, wolves, ravens, and an eight-legged horse. Odin is the top symbol, paying you 8 times your coin value for three on a payline. The Valknut icon acts as a wild, replacing any other icon except the scatter.

The action is driven by Infinity Reels, and there is also a Jackpot and free games available for grabs. When a spin produces 12 or more extra reels, players earn the jackpot of 888 times their stake in addition to any other wins they have accrued. This might sound straightforward, but statistically only occurs roughly once in 63,323 revolutions.

Keep a watch out for Odin’s spear Gungnir, as it will award free games whenever it is part of a winning combination. Prior to the start of the free spins, which occur once every 315 regular spins, the player is shown two wheels. The first wheel determines how many spins you get for free (8, 10, or 12), while the second wheel determines how much your wins are multiplied. Every time a new reel is added in levels 1, 2, 3, and 4, the win multiplier rises by 1, 2, 3, and 4, accordingly.

During this feature, the win multiplier does not reset between spins, so it’s possible to rack up some serious cash if you’re playing with an incremental win multiplier of 4, for example. When a win with the Gungnir symbol happens, players can extend the feature for an additional 4 spins.

Judgment on Odin’s Megaways Reel Infinity

Infinite Odin Reels Does Megaways live up to the hype generated by its Infinite Reels and Megaways? In the main, that is correct. The enhanced visuals and vastly superior reel-spinning animations make this a more polished slot than the previous two, but the gimmicky addition of Megaways detracts from the overall experience. It doesn’t really supplement anything that wasn’t already there.

In the past, each of the four reels could grow to accommodate an infinite number of symbols. Now, each reel can feature a unique set of symbols, though the variance isn’t quite as extreme as it would be in a Megaways reimagining. The two mechanisms complement one another, but Odin’s gameplay doesn’t feel radically new.

The bad news is that after looking at three different Infinity Reels slots, I’m beginning to worry that the Infinity Reels mechanic doesn’t have much more to offer. It’s significantly less dynamic than Megaways and at times it even feels like it obstructs the Megaways engine from doing its thing.

Besides that, there are major shifts happening below ground. Odin Infinity is much more unstable than the previous two, although its potential dwarfs that of its predecessors. The maximum prize is now 20,000 times the wager thanks to the 12 reel jackpot. Players can experience something akin to Odin’s gift of insight while they attempt to win free games. The rewards are there, but getting to them might be difficult and even boring while you wait for the big victories and special features.

The Infinity Reels games seem to be developing over time. Odin is visually superior, has a solid premise, and enormous potential. The game requires patience or a hardened gambling mentality, as it can be cruel and repetitive.






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