There Are Three Casino Games You’re Probably Missing

There’s more to casinos than just slot machines and blackjack.

Most individuals, when considering casino games, think only of the most well-known ones. Games like roulette, blackjack, slots, video poker, craps, and others like them come to mind for most people. No harm done, but there are plenty of other games at a contemporary casino that are just as fun to play while being less well-known.

This post will finally bring attention to three underappreciated casino games. If you’re looking for a change of pace from your typical games, why not give one or two of these a try? You never know, you might end up loving them!

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a dice game in which players wager on the roll of three dice. A wide variety of bets can be placed on a spacious table configuration. The payouts are based on how likely the corresponding bet is to win.

On the tame side of things, you can wager that the sum of the three dice will be Small (4–10, excluding 3 of a kind) or Big (11–17, excluding 3 of a kind), with winnings given at odds of 1:1. You can also wager that one, two, or all three dice will land on a specified number between 1 and 6, with payouts of 1:1, 2:1, or 12:1 for winning wagers.

Bet on the precise totals of the three dice, and you may win anywhere from 6:1 to 62:1. You can win 11:1 if you wager on a double, 31:1 if you wager on Any Triple, and 180:1 if you wager on a triple. We won’t spoil the fun of finding out what other wagers are available in this game for you.

Sic Bo, which can be played in both traditional casino software and Live Casino settings, is as easy to learn as Roulette. If you find that you appreciate the game as much as we do, we suggest that you begin with the former before moving on to the latter.

Videoslots Casino now offers Sic Bo, developed by Switch Studios.

The Game of Pai Gow Poker

You and the Dealer face off in a game of Pai Gow Poker, also known simply as Pai Gow. After making a wager, you’ll be dealt seven cards and the game will begin. The Dealer receives a new hand of seven cards. All of the Dealer’s cards will be dealt face down, while yours will be dealt face up.

The next step is to take two cards and raise them over the other five so that you have two hands. The hand rankings are extremely close to those used in Texas Hold’em, therefore it stands to reason that a five-card hand would be superior to a two-card hand.

After you’ve formed two hands out of your initial seven cards, the Dealer will reveal his own hand. The Dealer’s cards are split into two separate hands right away. You will receive odds of 1:1, minus a 5% commission, if both of your hands defeat the Dealer’s equivalent hands. All bets are repaid in the case of a tie, regardless of whether both of your hands beat the Dealer’s matching hand. A bet is lost if the player’s two hands are unsuccessful.

If you like poker but hate having to wait for a table to fill up, this is the game for you. It’s simple to pick up and play, and it may keep you entertained for a long time while challenging your judgment.

Enjoy SG’s Fortune Pai Gow Poker at Casumo!

Gambling Game

Another game where you face off against the dealer instead of other players is Casino War. As in poker, the highest card is an Ace. A single card is given to both the player and the Dealer once a wager is made. If your card is higher than the Dealer’s, you win and get paid at odds of 1 to 1. Your bet will be lost if the Dealer’s card is higher than yours.

If the Dealer and you both have identically valued cards, you get to pick one. You can either Go to War by making a ‘raise’ stake equal to your primary bet, or you can Surrender and get half your investment back.

If you declare war, the Dealer will discard three cards and deal two more cards face down to you and the Dealer. Your original wager will be repaid and your raise bet will pay at a rate of 1:1 if your card is higher than the Dealer’s. You will lose both stakes if the Dealer’s card is higher than yours. If the cards remain tied, you will receive a 2:1 payout on your raise bet and your original wager.

In addition to these options, you can wager on the Tie as a side bet before the game begins and again if you decide to go to war. If the first two cards are a tie, the Tie bet pays 10:1, and if a second Tie is reached, the second Tie bet also pays 10:1.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of Casino War, you might want to try your luck at playing more than one hand at a time in the hopes of increasing your bankroll.






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